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Ultimate Lightroom Workflow Toolkit

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3 Courses – with everything you’re ever going to need to become a Lightroom ninja.

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3  For The Price Of 1

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Professional National Parks Photographer, Johny Spencer, Shows You How He Transforms Thousands Of Images A Month From ‘Good’ To ‘Great’

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What’s in the Ultimate Lightroom Workflow Toolkit

Ulitmate Lightroom Workflow ($79 Value)

The ultimate Lightroom processing short-cut, so you can produce stunning, natural images in under 2 minutes.

Ulitmate Lightroom Finishing Moves ($79 Value)

Learn the tricks-of-the-trade to give your images that final polish to take them from stunning to S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R.

Mastering Lightroom Course ($79 Value)

Learn all the ins and outs of Lightroom to develop a fast, efficient workflow covering everything from import to export and everything in between.

Ultimate Lightroom Workflow

  • A new way of thinking about Lightroom workflow that will change the way you edit photos forever (and save you hours of frustration)

  • 5 short-cut secrets to giving your images mesmerizing depth (without turning them into digital disasters)

  • How to produce sunsets (with and without foreground subjects). Even pros get this wrong. But with these tips, you’ll turn ordinary skyscapes into wall-worthy vistas

  • Wildlife photos are easy to edit, right – I mean the subjects speak for themselves? Wrong. Without these tips, your wildlife images will look dull and lifeless (i.e. dead). Follow the simple tips in this tutorial and when people look at prints on your wall they will hear the roar, feel the splash, and smell the… (well maybe not smell anything)

  • Blue skies:  get it wrong and all your landscapes shots will look ‘canned’ and fake. But follow these simple tips and watch people move closer to your prints as if they are compelled to walk straight into the scene

  • Real life case studies demonstrating all 80 presets in action (and when… and how to use them to produce stunning, natural images in under 2 minutes)

Ultimate Lightroom Finishing Moves

  • Tweaking the colour (of the whole image or just certain parts) to give your image the atmosphere it needs (even if the original image was taken under totally different lighting conditions)

  • Adjusting viewer focus to draw attention to the main subject without distracting them with secondary elements

  • Adding that special mid-tone contrast to make the colors burst to life

  • Bringing definition to skies and making clouds leap off the page or screen so they capture that child-like imagination of the viewer

  • Creating special enhancements so eyes, hair, and skin shine with warmth (Note: this is the key to natural portraits)

  • Enhancing textures to give viewers the sense of being in your image – all the sights, smells and sounds that excite the imagination

  • Shaping the light to give your photos a mesmerising quality

  • And generally taking your image from stunning to S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R.

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Mastering Lightroom Course

  • Remove all the Lightroom clutter – Learn how to setup the Lightroom interface to remove all the clutter and simplify the user experience and speed up for processing workflow.

  • Find the right photo when you need it – keep everything sorted, master the power of Lightroom Library module to ensure you never have to go looking for the one image again – it’s always just a few clicks away.

  • Create natural looking images by mastering all the tools and sliders in the develop module.

  • Easily handle your entire photography workflow all from one place, quickly and efficiently. Use my secret ninja tricks and techniques to boost your productivity even more!

  • Quickly remove flaws and defects

  • Discover the secrets to setting up the import panel to get Lightroom to automate essential tasks and save you even more time.

  • Apply powerful metadata with just one click to protect your images with hidden text that can prove you are the owner.

  • Find out the best settings to use in the export panel so your images always look their best online.

  • Discover the secrets to creating your very own ninja processing workflow so you can take just minutes to processing your photos instead of spending hours the old way.

  • Instantly upload edited photo to social sites and more

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What Customers Are Saying

Originally I had no idea and really struggled with LR, almost to the point of giving it up, but then I purchased the presets and saw average photos suddenly develop into something that made me sit up and take a look it was very satisfying. I am constantly amazed at how much more it has to give, and how simple the process is.

Bob Kent

Your Lightroom courses have made a big difference in my photos. All videos are in detail, but not long. You explain all the necessary parameters and what you as a professional do when you using Lightroom, which is pretty awesome. Thank you

Hamed bank

It has made my post processing more efficient and more effective – better results in less time!

The Finishing Moves course itself, this provides a huge creative toolbox.

The videos are short and precise, this is a major benefit because I can quickly refresh my memory on any particular preset I want to try.

I am a keen amateur, not a professional photographer, well into my retirement but being able to really get the best out of my photos had breathed new life into my enthusiasm for photography.

Christopher Atkinson

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3  For The Price Of 1

$237 Today Just $79 USD


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