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Okay — So, You’ve Used Lightroom and A Preset Or TwoTo Give You A Solid Image. Now You Want To Make It Really ‘Pop’. That’s When You Need…

Ultimate Lightroom Finishing Moves’…
The Secret Final Steps Pros Use To Take Their Images

From Stunning To S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R

Watch the video below to find out more

Professional National Parks Photographer, Johny Spencer, Shows You The NINJA Finishing Moves He Uses to Transform Thousands Of Images A Month From ‘Average’ To ‘Awesome’

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Learn The Tricks-Of-The-Trade to Give Your Images That Final Polish

If you’ve ever used Lightroom presets, you know they never give you the perfect result you’re looking for. They can get you a good way there. But there’s always ‘something’ missing. And it’s that ‘something’ that makes all the difference.

Professional National Parks Photographer, Johny Spencer, pulls back the curtain and reveals his tricks-of-the-trade to add the final polish to create truly knockout images.

And he gives you 130 fine-tuning presets, 7 supreme-definition brushes, and 14 action videos so you can quickly and easily give your images that ‘wow’ factor that…

• Mesmerizes the viewer
• Captures their imagination, and…
• Causes them to feel the emotion and story of your image

Take your images from stunning to S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R today with ‘Lightroom Finishing Moves’.

Have you ever processed an image in Lightroom and felt ‘it’s just not quite there’?

Although it looks solid when you compare it with other photographers photographs you know there is ‘something’ missing.

Technically, it’s spot on.

But it just doesn’t move you like you hoped it would.

And you don’t know how to fix it.

My name is Johny Spencer, and as a professional photographer with the National Parks in Australia, I take thousands of photos every month. And NONE of them can be average.

Technically perfect – exposure, focus, composition – is the bare minimum.

That merely communicates the ‘face’ of my subject so it’s recognizable to the viewer.

What I really need to communicate is the ‘heart’ of my subject, so the viewer longs to be part of the picture.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve spent hundreds of hours experimenting with Lightroom to make my images tell a story. And because I deal with SO MANY photos every month, I’ve had to develop some efficient frameworks to get spectacular results fast.

For the first time ever, I’m giving you an inside look into the final steps I take to polish my images. The things I do to take them from stunning to S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R.

And I’m including my best fine-tuning presets and supreme-definition brushes so you can get the same results with your images.


Ultimate Lightroom Finishing Moves is perfect for… 

  • Tweaking the colour (of the whole image or just certain parts) to give your image the atmosphere it needs (even if the original image was taken under totally different lighting conditions)

  • Adjusting viewer focus to draw attention to the main subject without distracting them with secondary elements

  • Adding that special mid-tone contrast to make the colors burst to life

  • Bringing definition to skies and making clouds leap off the page or screen so they capture that child-like imagination of the viewer

  • Creating special enhancements so eyes, hair, and skin shine with warmth (Note: this is the key to natural portraits)

  • Enhancing textures to give viewers the sense of being in your image – all the sights, smells and sounds that excite the imagination

  • Shaping the light to give your photos a mesmerising quality

  • And generally taking your image from stunning to S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R.

Check Out These Before And After Images

Processed Using The Finishing Moves Special Sauce




DSF4784 Edit


DSC 0911


DSC 0911 Edit


IMG 4766 2


IMG 4766


DSF4474 2






DSC0424 Edit


DSC 6699


DSC 6699

How Is It Different To Other Courses and Presets?


While other courses and presets take you from raw images to a solid publishing result, Lightroom Finishing Moves adds the polish to really make your images ‘pop’.

It’s the difference between ‘nice’ and ‘wow’!

It’s the magic that draws your viewers into your images, causes them to respond emotionally, and makes your photos memorable.

Here’s Exactly What You Get

130 Lightroom Ninja Presets


Video: How to install the presets

Screen Shot 2017 03 27 at 3.48.11 PM copy

Video: Split Grad Presets

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 3.47.07 PM copy

Video: Dodge and Burn Brushes

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 3.16.25 PM copy

Video: Radial Spotlight Presets

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 3.28.51 PM copy

Video: Texture Enhancer Brush

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 3.13.03 PM copy

Video: Blur Brush

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 3.06.58 PM

Video: HSL Targeted Adjustments

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 2.54.25 PM

Lightroom Brush Pack

Untitled 1

Video: Graduated Filter Presets

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 3.43.46 PM copy

Video: Cloud Enhancer Presets

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 3.38.12 PM copy

Video: Radial Filiter Presets

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 3.33.34 PM copy

Video: Hightlight Enhancer Presets

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 3.20.39 PM

Video: Eye Enhancer Brush

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 3.03.52 PM

Video: Curves Contrast Enhancer 

Screen Shot 2017 09 27 at 4.05.03 PM copy

Here’s What People Are Saying

Thanks for your presets. I’ve already used them to quickly process my photos.

They have been well worth the price and I can see myself using them for many years to come!

Lan Wang

It has made my post processing more efficient and more effective – better results in less time!

The Finishing Moves course itself, this provides a huge creative toolbox.

Having gone through the elements of the course, I have a good idea of what they can do.

The videos are short and precise, this is a major benefit because I can quickly refresh my memory on any particular preset I want to try.

I am a keen amateur, not a professional photographer, well into my retirement but being able to really get the best out of my photos had breathed new life into my enthusiasm for photography.

All in all, I find the Finishing Moves a great addition to my Lightroom system.

Keep up the good work!

Christopher Atkinson

Thanks for the great presets!  One of my best photography buys, yet.

The presets have reduced my post processing time by 50% or more and what’s best are the results are great!

Thanks for putting these together and making them available to us mortals.

Rob Johnson

Do You Want To Create Portfilio Quality Photos?

Just imagine it…

You open Lightroom and load an image you think is solid, but not nearly as good as you hoped. Within minutes you’ve applied a preset and brushes to tweak the colour, add definition and texture, shape the light, and bring focus to the main subject.

Although you’ve spent hours trying to improve this image in the past, you now have the finishing touches that make all the difference. And in just a few minutes, your image is portfolio-quality.

How is this possible? Because you’ll be using the exact ‘tricks of the trade’ top photographers use to produce world-class tourism and gallery photos.

And the best thing is, you can create images like this whenever you like.

Lightroom Finishing Moves takes the pressure off you in the field. Naturally, you want to capture the best image you can. But let’s face it, even pros miss shots.

Relax. Let your creativity flow. Shoot with confidence. And enjoy yourself.

With the tools and tricks in Lightroom Finishing Moves you can still get the result you were after.

I can’t tell you how many times these techniques have saved my bacon. And nobody is any the wiser. They just see the end result – a spectacular image.

Your Risk Free Trial

Sure, you can struggle for hours trying to master Lightroom on your own.

You can use run-of-the-mill presets and brushes that give you a solid image but fall short of the result you really want.

And you can settle for shots that are good, but far from great.

Or you can try Lightroom Finishing Moves for yourself – risk free.

Try This Program RISK FREE for 30 Days… And if You Don’t Love it… I’ll Buy it Back!

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130 Presets to give your images the final polish they need

Brush pack with 7 supreme-definition brushes for intricate fine-tuning

13 Instructions videos and case studies so you can bring out the best in your images in just minutes

Member-only discounts on 3 Colors products

The original RAW files so you can edit along with the videos

Ultimate Lightroom Finishing Moves just makes good sense if you want truly knockout images without having to spend months trying to figure it all out on your own. I mean, who wants to waste hundreds of hours and still feel disappointed with the results?

If you want truly world-class gallery-quality images that…

  • Mesmerize your viewer

  • Captures their imagination, and…

  • Causes them to feel the emotion and story of your image

And if you want to take your images from stunning to S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R…

Try Lightroom Finishing Moves today risk free today

Take your images from stunning to S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R today with ‘Lightroom Finishing Moves’.


DSC 9632I’m a professional landscape and nature photographer working for the National Parks Service in Australia (I know – plum job – taking breathtaking photos every day!). My work has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and for promotional purposes in print and online.

I have a passion for capturing beautiful photography that inspires and creates strong emotions in viewers. Teaching others is my way of passing on the passion and spreading the photography love.

But my journey to learning photography wasn’t great. In fact. looking back.it was a long windy road.

I took the advice that you commonly hear:  The best way to learn photography is to just go out and take photos.

But the problem is, you get back home and spend hours on your computer moving sliders around trying to get your images to look okay.

Unfortunately, I listened to this advice. And I went out shooting day after day after day. There was barely a day in 2 years I wasn’t out photographing landscapes.

And then also spending hours in Lightroom trying to process my images.

When I looked at my images, I could see I was getting a tiny bit better. But my images weren’t as good as I was hoping — and not even close to the photography I was seeing my favourite pro landscape photographers create.

Truthfully, my photographs were still crap!

I had now been shooting for more than two years and I still wasn’t taking the photographs that I’d dreamed of creating.

So, after years bouncing around the web from tutorial to tutorial, often getting conflicting advice. And after years of trying to process my images to give them the wow factor without overcooking them and making them look unnatural. I finally realised the answer to all my trial and error was to get a Lightroom training package from one of the pro photographers who inspired me.

This was the help I needed — the one thing I had been missing all this time.

Since that day, I’ve processed tens of thousands of images. This has allowed me to develop a killer Lightroom workflow for processing photographs.

I’ve now passed on this knowledge to many photographers. And helped them to master Lightroom and discover the tips and tricks the pro’s use to quickly make their images looks awesome.

And I can’t wait to help you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to use these presets?

These presets import directly into Adobe Lightroom photo editing software – the absolute premier photo editing program used by photographers.  If you do not have the program, the workflow will not work – you can purchase Lightroom through Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Package for only $9.99 a month which also comes with Photoshop.  It’s a “must-have” tool for all photographers!

When will I receive access to the presets?

As soon as you purchase you will receive an email with you login details to access the course and download the presets.

Will these work with my version of Lightroom?

These presets work flawlessly with Lightroom 4 & Lightroom 5 & Lightroom 6 or CC

Do you have these for Photoshop?

No, these are only for Lightroom. If you don’t have Lightroom you can give it a shot for a 30 day free trial through adobe’s website and/or you can get both Lightroom and Photoshop for only $9.99 a month just google Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Package

Can I keep it forever?

Yes! You’ll have lifetime access!

Will this workflow work for JPEGs images?

Yes it certainly will, in fact it will work on all types of images.

I'm totally new to Lightroom will this help me?

Yes, this workflow will teach you the fundamentals of post processing that you can use forever in your photography journey.

I'm already a Lightroom ninja will this help me?

Yes, this workflow has been designed with pure processing speed as the focus, it’s 10 times faster than just moving sliders around.

I still have a question - who can I email?

No problem, you can email me at [email protected] if you still have a question!


Email me – [email protected]


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