Do you really need to spend thousands of dollars on camera gear to take great portraits?

Something that really makes me angry is when I get told by a photographer, "I was told I have to buy insert name of expensive camera gear here to get great images."

It really takes the wind out of your sail and makes you feel like you'll never be the photographer you want to be because you can't afford to drop 2k on that new lens.

Well, the good news is gear doesn't matter and it's not the key to being a good photographer.

The key to taking great photos is pure creativity it's something you can't buy but with practice and persistence, it's something you can learn.

OK, rant over!

In this video, I want to give you my picks for the best portrait lenses you can get on a budget.

These lenses are also very commonly sold second hand so that makes it even cheaper to get your hands on them.



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